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Apartments Downtown, Apartments Near Campus and Apartments Near Iowa are all connected large property management companies, based in Iowa City, Iowa and focusing on rentals to University of Iowa students. The Tenants' Project is very pleased that Apartments Downtown, Apartments Near Campus and Apartments Near Iowa have all become landlord partners by joining with the Tenants' Project in its complaint process. You can see information about individual landlord partners and their complaint processes here:

In addition the Apts. Downtown class action has been settled, subject to Court approval. This settlement covers tenants and subtenants with Apts. Downtown and Apts. Near Campus for the 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 lease terms. This settlement is just for the use of illegal lease provisions, predominately carpet cleaning and does not cover any individualized charges for cleaning or damage. An estimated 14,000 tenants are eligible for a payment of $65 per year for each year they were a tenant during the four annual lease terms covered. For more information and to register for payment, go to the Apts Downtown Settlement Website.
Here are previous case proceedings for Conroy v. Apts. Downtown the Apts Downtown class action, now settled.